Helped with anxiety during pregnancy, I slept like a baby afterwards!
— Lucy, Hampstead

Tori was my most valuable support in the first few months of my little boys life. With a gentle hand, amazing listening and ability to read the situation, she helped me to keep breastfeeding. Without someone as compassionate by my side I might not have breastfed for as long as i did or enjoyed it as much
— Victoria, Cheshunt

Ive had acupuncture before but in pregnancy it makes all the difference having an acupuncturist who is also a midwife! Tori really knew what i needed, I felt in safe hands
— Freya, Camden

I am a chronic migraine suffer going through an acute phase at the moment. I have recently had occipital nerve blocks which unfortunately haven’t helped the daily attacks. Tori treated me for neck and shoulder pain and hormone imbalance; I was in pain at the outset of the treatment but was pain free by the time we finished. I then slept better than usual and the next day had more clarity and felt better than I have for some time. We are commencing in a course of twice weekly treatment. Thank you Tori for your healing treatment.
— Sue, Hertfordshire

Absolutely lovely and just what a new mum needs!
— Jessie, Potters Bar

I found the lactation support really helpful along with changing my diet
— Sarah, Crouch end