The ACU MIDWIFE is a practicing NHS Midwife.  She is passionate about women & their families and aims to provide positive experiences around pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  


Traditional Acupuncture is a therapy which originates from ancient Chinese medicine.  It is the art of using needles to influence the ‘qi energy’ (pronounced chi) which flows around the body.

Medical acupuncture takes a different approach by taking the ancient therapy and reinterpreting it into modern terms.  It uses scientific explanation combined with age old acupuncture points to stimulate sensory nerves, the same ones used by sensations like touch and pressure.  

The ACUMIDWIFE practices western medical acupuncture based on scientific evidence and research.  


Your first acupuncture treatment will be an enlightening yet strange experience.  You will be asked to lay down on a couch or bed with your skin exposed, usually lower limbs and hands.  

THE ACU MIDWIFE will look for particular points on the body (acupuncture points) and insert needles to achieve the desired outcome.  The point of insertion is not likely to hurt or feel like a sharp prick, the sensation is described as ‘de qi’, it is a phenomenon and characteristic individual to acupuncture alone.  It can be described as drawing, tingling or warmth.  

A typical treatement consists of 6-8 acupuncture points, once the needles are inserted, they are left to rest in place with occasional stimulation for 20-30 minutes, nothing is injected in or drawn out.  Acupuncture relies on the body’s own reaction, therefore, is a completely natural and holistic complementary therapy.